Danish Words & Essential Phrases to Know

Danish Words & Essential Phrases to Know

Apart from English, you also need to know the languages ​​of other countries, for example, Danish and Danish. This country has a language called Danish. For those of you who are traveling the world, knowing about Danish Words & Phrase can add insight and will help you when on vacation in Denmark.

By knowing the basics of the Danish language, you can make a vacation to this country more comfortable. At least you understand some basic language such as greetings, expressions of gratitude, expressions of forgiveness, general questions and so on.

The language and pronunciation of Danish words have something in common with English, but some are much different from English words.

Danish Words & Phrase Simplest

It doesn't hurt to learn a few Danish words and phrases as well. Later, the language learned can be useful when you meet tourists from Denmark or are indeed on vacation in Denmark.

Here are some simple Danish Words & Phrase examples that you can learn.

Hello in Danish is Goddag / Hej and reads Go-day / Hi, Goodbye -Farvel -Fah-vel, Yes - Ja - Yes, No - Nej - Nai, Thank you - Tak - Tack, Excuse me - Undskyld- Un- school, Sorry-Beklager- Bi-clay-er, You're welcome- Selv tak- Sell tack, and so on

The examples above are English then Danish and how to pronounce them in Danish. There are some words that are not much different, for example the word YES which in English and in Danish you can say YES.

Examples of phrases in English and then in Danish are:
  • Do you speak English? In Danish is Taler du engelsk? How is it pronounced -Tai-ler do eng-gelsk? In Indonesian it means can you speak English?
  • I don't speak Danish, in Danish it is -Jeg taler ikke dansk, how to pronounce it - Yai tai-ler igge dansk. That means I don't speak Danish
There are many more simple basic Danish languages ​​that you can learn. Start from the simplest ones, if someone is practiced, of course, your Danish Words & Phrase memorization skills will continue to grow.

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